So What Does “Converged” Mean To You?


Oct, 12

So What Does “Converged” Mean To You?

Sometimes it is nice to share the words of other, way more insightful industry thought leaders in my blog, especially when the message should resonate with those of you working to build a more complex technology offering and really cement your importance with customers.

In this blog, Justin Crotty, SVP and GM for NetEnrich, addresses the issue of convergence, namely its impact on you and your customers. Regardless of whether you specialize in cloud or onsite solutions, converging infrastructure is having an impact on your business – and our customers’ needs. Check out this factoid from Crotty’s column: “According to an August 2012 study by analyst David Vellante of the Wikibon Project, spending on converged infrastructure is set to grow and by 2017 is expected to top $402 billion, with an estimated $185 billion, or 46%, to be spent on services such as planning, design, deployment and management of these IT environments. With nearly half of the spending on converged infrastructure going toward services, MSPs and CSPs who serve mid-market and large-scale enterprises face a tremendous opportunity.”

Now you are listening, right? So where exactly is this opportunity? Not only do customers need help designed and integrating converged infrastructure, they need help managing it – and that is where you come in. The question/challenge for most solution providers is how to marry system integration expertise needed to build big infrastructure with the services savvy and automated process necessary to make the most of the recurring revenue opportunity?

Crotty argues that MSPs and solution providers have to decide – build or acquire? He has some advice, but I’ll let you read that for yourself.

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