Where Is Cloud In Terms Of Maturity?


Oct, 12

Where Is Cloud In Terms Of Maturity?

This article grabbed me the first couple lines – what a great explanation of where cloud will go in the future, and just how we’ll get there. “We all know how important and ubiquitous email has become, not just in business but in our lives. Can you remember when you learned about email for the first time and didn’t yet know how fundamentally this technology would change the way we communicate and do business? Now think for a minute about cloud computing as being in that same sort of unpredictable infancy.”

That intro led to an interesting write-up on a survey from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISACA, which I shared with you earlier in the month. The article was a commentary on where cloud is in terms of its maturity. The CSA/ISACA survey used factors such as market size, as well as levels of acceptance, integration, and innovation to determine where cloud is in the common technology development cycle. The decision: Cloud remains in its infancy. That means we have quite a ways to go, which I find exciting.

The CSA defines the four levels of development as:

  • Infancy: Potential for growth and innovation has not been realized.
  • Growth: Widespread adoption and innovation takes place and the technology is well understood.
  • Maturity: The main players are well-established, and the technology is “business as usual.”
  • Decline: The market becomes saturated, and there’s little room for new entrants or products.

While it may seem a bit of slap to those cloud services providers and vendors that have been honing their cloud offerings for years, the definition of cloud as in its infancy is more about a comfort level and willingness on the part of both solution providers to deploy cloud and end users to accept cloud.

Now, think about that opening comparison – or consider the use of smart phones. I am confident that none of us, when our IT department first rolled out email or handed us a Palm Pilot, ever thought that those tools would evolve and mature to be absolutely indispensable. How exciting it will be to ride the cloud through to that point, and for those of you willing to take some risk – to drive cloud forward to maturity.

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