Cloud Disaster Recovery Remains Hot Tech


Oct, 12

Cloud Disaster Recovery Remains Hot Tech

This blog is a two for one. First, the results of a recent TechTarget survey, and second, and interesting case study about an early adopter of cloud-powered disaster recovery. Let’s start with the survey. According to this article, which marries both of these stories together, the 2012 TechTarget Cloud Pulse survey, a majority of respondents are now using a cloud disaster recovery solution (20%) or plan to in the next six months (31%). The article also quotes Alan Berman, president of the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) International, a nonprofit organization, who provided his own DR statistics: 25% of businesses are using cloud-based disaster recovery now, and 35% plan to in the near future.

Those numbers bring up a mix of emotions for me. One, I would have expected those usage numbers to be higher. On the other hand, those statistics mean the market is still wide open for solution providers interesting in using cloud backup as an entry point with their customers who are interested in cloud, but still hesitant about diving headfirst into cloud throughout their business environment.

As part of those efforts, consider the case study that TechTarget offers as part of this well-written article. It shares the story of Jessica Carroll, managing director of IT and digital media for the U.S. Golf Association. She tackled backup in the cloud nearly 5 years ago, well ahead of the adoption curve, and she shares her story in this article.

If you’re interested in learning more about where the cloud disaster recovery space is headed, I highly recommend reading this piece in its entirety.

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