Is Canada Anti-Cloud?


Nov, 12

Is Canada Anti-Cloud?

Having spent much of last week in Montreal, I was intrigued to see this article in Forbes: The Sorry State of Cloud Computing in Canada. I had hoped that the fact our WiFi and Internet in the hotel was abysmal was just a reflection on the locale, but according to this article, Canada is struggling with the infrastructure to truly embrace cloud.

Here is the gist of the background you need: “Herein lies the problem, the widespread use of bandwidth caps in Canada is partially the result of a market defined by vast geographies and a limited population base. This has resulted in a highly concentrated market controlled by a small group of ISPs. Making things worse is a highly government controlled telecom industry that prevents foreign investments, particularly for wireless and broadband services. This combination of factors has led to one of the most restrictive markets for cloud computing as well as other internet related services found in any of the major industrialized nations today.”

What is being done about this? Well, the Canadian Cloud Council is working feverishly to raise awareness of the positive business impact that cloud can deliver, and push education of both business and economic leaders forward. Why do we care? Well, whenever cloud adoption lacks in one region, be it inside or out of our borders, it impacts the rate of innovation and adoption as most businesses are internationally positioned. It will be interesting to watch how such a forward-thinking nation catches up on the cloud revolution, and whether there is opportunity to be found for both U.S. cloud vendors and solution providers with a knack for delivering cloud services.

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