New Survey Reveals Confusion Is Stalling Cloud Adoption


Nov, 12

New Survey Reveals Confusion Is Stalling Cloud Adoption

It’s no surprise that your customers are confused about cloud. Heck, a lot of solution providers are confused about cloud, so it is hardly a shock that decision makers and end users are overwhelmed with the choices and options related to cloud computing.

AVG Technologies decided to dive more deeply into that reality, surveying SMBs in both the UK and the U.S. to find out just how far that confusion reaches. According to that survey, only about 25% SMBs are using some kind of cloud service, and many shared the belief that cloud was an enterprise-oriented solution offering. Most concerning, I believe, is that 31% of SMBs in the UK and 28% in the U.S. admitted they don’t understand cloud in the least.

Sigh. It looks like your work is cut out for you. One piece of advice that successful cloud innovators have shared with me is their dedication to the idea that the first step in any cloud sale is educating the customer. That means first understanding your customers’ pain and business needs, then evaluating where cloud may work for them, and finally explaining and educating each customer on why cloud is a good fit both technology and business wise.

If you take that time, you should have luck with cloud, because the survey also revealed that nearly 80% of SMBs are open to technology that makes simplifies their business. Where do you start? Most SMBs shared their comfort level and interest are found around technologies such as collaboration tools (64%), storage (34%) and mobile (32%).


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