Innovation – The Name Of The Winning Game


Nov, 12

Innovation – The Name Of The Winning Game

Now that tempers have cooled a tad, it seems safe to share this article from B2B, an online community focused on sharing news about social media, marketing, and branding – and their impact on the business world. The article, “Five Innovative Social, Mobile, Cloud and Big Data Apps From the US 2012 Election Campaigns,” showcases some really cool uses of technology within the recent presidential campaigns.

(Before I start, I will echo this sentiment from the writer: “This blog isn’t meant to take a position in the campaign. I can’t even argue that one campaign has made more effective use of new technology than another.” Please don’t post political comments in response to this blog; it is all about the technology.)

The article highlights five innovations, including the use of cloud to link disparate campaign field offices in real-time, the use of cloud for aggregating campaign intelligence data, the use of Big Data to profile voters in order to better target advertising that matches their motivation, the use of social media to influence voting (and to annoy the heck out of most of us), and finally, the use of mobile devices to feed those Big Data machines.

Overall, I think this article touches on some of the real-life applications of cloud and mobile, and might offer some good examples of how those technologies can help your customers. For example, can your customers with field services use mobile devices to feed updates to a main office more efficiently? Have you put together a proof of concept for them to show how easy it is? That is well worth your while if your customer base leans toward that vertical. Also, if you need to showcase the intersection of cloud, Big Data and analytics, take a look at the section of this story where innovative businesses aggregated data from 180 million voters to create profiles nearly instantly. Think a customer might relate to that?

Overall, I recommend taking a look at this article to uncover where your customer base needs might line up with one of these very real life and immediate examples of the power of cloud. Might be just the conversation opener you were looking for.


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