Supply Chain Takes Flight


Nov, 12

Supply Chain Takes Flight

I am a bit embarrassed that supply chain and field services get the short shift here in my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do it on purpose. Rather, I fall victim to the fact that cloud conversations often skip over the opportunity in that portion of the tech industry. Why? I’m not sure, because as this IBM blog points out, supply chain is a natural fit for cloud.

The IBM blog covers a couple value propositions of supply chain and cloud – from improved customer service to efficiencies that speed time to market to more accurate customer and inventory data that leads to higher profits. The author says it well: “It’s no longer enough to build supply chains that are efficient, demand-driven and transparent. Now, they must also be flexible, real-time, and smart.”

Hmmm. Sounds like a job for a cloud-savvy solution provider, doesn’t it? So how can you help? By linking mobile (think tablets for both the sales and transportation field teams) with cloud-powered applications that enable order taking, inventory checks, delivery confirmation and more. Then layer on Big Data analytics that pull that data from cloud storage and aggregate it across multiple locations in the supply chain. They can then adjust production, delivery schedules, inventory levels and staffing for peak efficiencies. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Now, think about your customer base. Where can you pitch that kind of integrated supply chain solution? You may have the big guys – food and beverage – or the small guys – lawn care, water delivery, home repair. But think about it – and consider how cloud may be useful outside the office walls of your customers.

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