The “Trend Talk” Has Begun


Nov, 12

The “Trend Talk” Has Begun

Just as the holiday music starts earlier and earlier each year, so does the “Trends to Watch,” pontificating. Since I don’t want to be left behind, I guess we’ll start talking about those trends here as well, starting with the “10 Trends CIOs Should Watch in 2013,” from CIO Insight.

Some of these trends won’t surprise you, such as #1 A Deepening Mobile Reliance, #3 Going to the Cloud, #6 Hybrid Computing or # 7 Big Data Is Key. Most solution providers should already have strategies in place that explore where your particular customer base wants to – and can – leverage mobile devices, cloud and Big Data solutions. Big or small, nearly every business can draw value – increased productivity, lower CapEx investments, better insight in business trends – from those popular technology solutions. Your challenge, of course, is to figure out where and how.

Some of the other trends are directly linked to the impact of the trends above, such as the Changing Face of Software Development, which is evolving beyond Windows to address the needs of those businesses using mobile and cloud technologies.You can see the end result of that shift in another trend, Corporate App Stores. In fact, Gartner projects that a year from now, most vendors will deliver applications through corporate app stores.

A couple notes on the other trends.

The Internet of Things, a trend in which the Web is tied more and more to product functionality. That’s a double-edged op for solution providers, given that businesses will need to have the infrastructure to support that connectivity while also securing a corporate environment with so many access points.

Analytics Grows in Importance is a trend tightly tied to Big Data, and at the intersection between the two is where the channel can uncover opportunity. With data funneled into businesses from so many sources, and so quickly, the solution provider that can tackle mining and organizing that data in support of corporation decision making will have quite a differentiator in the market, especially if that IT business is looking to grow upstream.

Overall, the trend I am going to pontificate on is the need for solution providers to look beyond technology to the place where that technology can help their customers do more with less, and do it faster than their competition. That is my top trend to watch in 2013.

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