Cloud News To Make You Cringe


Nov, 12

Cloud News To Make You Cringe

In a survey by Wakefield Research, 51% of respondents, including a majority of Millennials, believe stormy weather can interfere with cloud computing.

Does that sentence make you want to throw in the towel as a solution providers faced with educating your customers? Because it made me bang my head on my laptop.

Believe it or not … there is more! Apparently I was not the only one entertained by this survey, because Forbes also wrote a blog  about this survey of 1,000 adults that revealed a general lack of understanding and knowledge when it comes to cloud computing. Now, while I am not entirely shocked at that, I was a bit disturbed at the depth of the lack of understanding.

For instance, the author of the Forbes article had these fun facts from the research to share:

  • 22% admit they’ve pretended in the past to know what the cloud is or how it works.
  • 33% said this tends to happen more so in the workplace, while 14% said it happened to them during a job interview.
  • 17% have pretended to know what the cloud was during a first date. (Which does raise the question of how that topic came up in the first place, at least to me)
  • When asked what “the cloud” is, a majority responded it’s either an actual cloud in the sky or something related to weather (29%). Other responses include: toilet paper, security, pillow, smoke, outer space, cyberspace, mysterious network, unreliable, sadness, relaxed, overused, oh goody a hacker’s dream, storage, movies, money, memory, back-up, joy, innovation, drugs, heaven, and a place to meet.
  • 16% almost got it right saying they think of cloud as a computer network to store, access, and share data from Internet-connected devices.
  • 54% said they’ve never used cloud computing, but in reality 95% actually do with 65% banking online, 63% shopping online, 58% using social networking sites, 45% playing online games, 29% storing photos online, 22% storing music and videos online and 19% using online file-sharing.

I’ll admit it, I don’t have a channel angle on this at all, but it was frankly too entertaining not to share.


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