Something To Be Thankful For – Outsourcing On The Rise


Nov, 12

Something To Be Thankful For – Outsourcing On The Rise

On this day when we all stop to give thanks, I have some good news for solution providers, especially those with cloud expertise. According to research from Information Services Group (ISG), the number of global IT services sales with a cloud element has tripled since 2010. In an article from Computer Weekly, the research firm credits a complexity around cloud platforms for the growth in outsourcing by companies both large and small. The firm advises solution providers that the richest opportunity for adding expertise to cloud solutions is likely connected to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), especially those applications leveraged by human resources, for customer relationship management (CRM) and for collaboration between employees and offices.

Earlier research from ISG revealed that solution providers are seeing cloud as a recurring theme in their outsourcing contracts, with cloud playing a role in nearly 25% of all deals. “Clearly, cloud is a disruptive trend in the enterprise and we predict this disruption will not only continue, but accelerate, especially for the traditional IT service providers,” says Stanton Jones, emerging technology analyst at ISG.

So on that happy note, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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