Round 2: What’s Coming in 2013


Nov, 12

Round 2: What’s Coming in 2013

It’s here … Gartner’s prognostication for the next three years, as shared by CRN. I’ll let you read the entire CRN article for some great insight and the full four  years’ worth of predications, but here are a couple tidbits I found particularly interesting:

By 2014 …

  • Employee-owned devices will be compromised by malware at more than double the rate of corporate-owned devices. Sounds like an opportunity for your security expertise to gain value in the marketplace, along with any offering of industry best practices in terms of security and BYOD.
  • Software spending resulting from the proliferation of smart operational technology will increase by 25%. Operational devices, such as vending machines or medical devices now have software embedded in them, and sensors are being linked to the Internet to create and receive data streams. Can you say Big Data? Imagine the value you can offer to customers trying to mine those data streams for real-time information that drives competitive decision making.

By 2015 …

  • Speaking of Big Data: Big Data demand will reach 4.4 million jobs globally, but only one-third of those jobs will be filled. Enterprises will need to reassess their competencies and skills to respond to this opportunity. Those IT businesses that want to win contracts to fulfill that need will also need to take a good long look and most will be forced to hire folks with serious skill sets around data management and analytics as well as business expertise.
  • 90% of enterprises will bypass broad-scale deployment of Windows 8. According toGartner, most enterprises aren’t prepared for the change and will therefore wait for more stability before proceeding.  You, as solution providers, can certainly influence that decision, but I would consider this a mild word of warning not to hang your revenue goals on this refresh.

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  1. bluewoodtree says:

    Doesn’t sound too great, but reasonable/

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