Another Cloud Skill – Partnering With Telecom


Dec, 12

Another Cloud Skill – Partnering With Telecom

One of my favorite people in the channel is Kate Hunt, director of member communities for CompTIA. Kate manages the organization’s cloud community among other things, helping members identify and act on trends in the IT channel. She’s bright and fun and absolutely dedicated to channel success from head to toe.
In a recent Channel Partners blog, Kate discussed The Fundamentals of Building a Successful IT/Telecom Partnership, a topic I think fits our focus here quite nicely. She started by saying this: “With continual advances in convergence and unified communications technologies, as well as constant shifts in compliance and business requirements, the opportunities for strong alliance partnerships also continue to grow. The rise in specialized business solutions makes it more difficult for IT service providers to master and support everything themselves, so developing alliances with qualified and trusted telecom agents is a sure way to extend their capabilities. That principle applies both ways, also allowing communications experts to broaden their suites of solutions and clientele.”
I completely agree, and I believe that as cloud takes a stronger grip in the IT environments of businesses both large and small, having a connection with a telecom agent can work to the competitive advantage of solution providers. Here’s why: As unified communications integrates disparate communication tools such as instant messaging, email and phones across multiple devices and platforms, cloud will support that convergence. While many solution providers have invested their time creating a cloud services strategy, they have fewer resources in place for the unified communications aspect of those deployments. Partnership can resolve that.
Kate calls out the CompTIA Quick Start Guide for Telecom And IT Partnerships in her blog, which offers a step-by-step strategy for successfully adding that expertise to your business. Take a few minutes to check out the column and then consider where a telecom partnership might help your cloud business as well.

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