Geek Predications For 2013


Dec, 12

Geek Predications For 2013

Now and then you have to stop and think: Wow. Technology, for all its ins and outs, has made unbelievable strides forward in the last handful of years. From smart phones to Wi-Fi to iPads … and, of course, cloud.

In Fast Company last week, there was a really cool article on the digital trends teetering on the horizon, and I have to say, they are plain cool. I am sure that for some solution providers, there are opportunities tucked into these predictions, but for the most part, I just thought my fellow geeks would appreciate the opinion on what’s to come.

1. Dawn of the “Personal Ecosystem”

What happens when the set of connected devices that we all have become dependent on becomes greater than the sum of its parts? Your “personal ecosystem” is what. Fast Company’s advice on getting in on this trend: Help users tie together elements of their object ecosystem to extract value – think “single pane of glass” for your end users.

2. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

I know we talk about complexity in this blog more days than not, but in this case, the trend is toward simplicity. Think about it this way: Skype, one-click shopping,  touch-focused iOS. Easy and effective, right? Again, advice for a K.I.S.S. world: Focus on what can be removed, rather than what could be added. Make sure every single feature, element, and interface drives real value for your customer.

3. Access will Supplant Ownership

The way we buy and “own” is changing. What does this mean for you? A great example is hardware (or anything else) as-a-service. The value of “renting” outlasts the value of “owning.” To succeed around this, design clear models for your customers interested in taking advantage.

4. I Belong to Me

Fast Company points out that in 2012, “the argument around use of personal data got heated. With so many alternatives available for virtually any service, users are increasingly walking away from experiences that they find creepy or uncomfortable, and taking their business elsewhere.” That experience rings true with cloud services; those vendors not willing to go transparently and cooperatively forward will start to lose business, and you as a broker shouldn’t be afraid to lay that challenge out.

Alright, so I guess I do see the implications for the channel around these trends, reflective of the reality that consumer trends and business trends are now irrevocably intertwined – and will only become more interdependent.

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  1. Nice article guys, Greetings from the Midlands UK

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