The Talent You Need For 2013


Dec, 12

The Talent You Need For 2013

While most New Year predictions about cloud are rosy and bright, there is one note of concern within those positive prognostications. Sure, businesses are onboard with cloud and adoption is on the rise. But who is going to design, deploy and manage all these cloud projects?

There is a clear shortage in the market of technology experts with established cloud experience, and some industry pundits have raised a red flag suggesting that a labor shortage could derail cloud adoption rates. Cloud requires technologists with background in cloud architecture, software developers, security specialists, and several other somewhat specialized skill sets.

The good news for solution providers is twofold. One, distributors such as Ingram Micro and vendors such as and Rackspace have invested heavily into education and training for the channel. If you are willing to dedicate some resources and time into learning about cloud deployments – successful deployments, that is – you will have a good shot at growth in 2013.

The second part of that cloud silver lining is that because it will be so difficult for enterprise and midmarket businesses to hire cloud experts, you are in a good position to take your offering upstream. Perhaps you are that organization’s first choice and will serve as a project partner; perhaps you are needed to augment an existing IT department overwhelmed by cloud. Either way, if you’ve done your homework and raised your skill sets to meet the needs of cloud-hungry customers, you will be driving success in 2013.

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