The BYOD Movement Expands


Dec, 12

The BYOD Movement Expands

The potential around BYOD will continue in 2013, with many of your customers demanded device management as well as access control and security support as they struggle to grasp and control the influx of devices into the workplace.  Obviously, with cloud and mobile device management platforms just starting to hit the market, solution providers should invest in due diligence before picking a partner to meet those needs (think open API, single pane of glass, interoperability and a solid vendor reputation).

But beyond managing and offering best practices around BYOD favorites such as smart phones, tablets and laptops, be prepared for the “bring your own …” movement to expand. Think applications and more … all of which will demand more flexibility out of business infrastructure, security, and operational policies. The ongoing addition of different and new devices and apps to the business workplace is being driven by consumerization, converged ecosystems, unified communications, and social everything. And that BYO… movement is creating opportunity as well as challenges, including the need for seamless cloud and mobile end-to-end business processes, a prime opportunity for the channel.

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