Banks Finding Success In The Cloud


Jan, 13

Banks Finding Success In The Cloud

I always try to share interesting cloud success stories when I find them, especially when the success is in a vertical where many of you work, such as this one: banking. In this online article from American Banker’s Bank Technology News, the success story is all about how the National Australia Bank (NAB) is using cloud to increase its competitive edge and improving on both its customer and employee user experience. (NOTE: You might want to bookmark this site, the group covers banking tech from top to bottom, including conversations with end users.)

I am not going to share all the details – the article is a good read – but let’s talk about this quote from Adam Bennett, the NAB CIO: “We found that the pace of technology change is unprecedented, our customers’ expectations and what’s driving their behaviors is a strong force for change. The customer has changed how they want to do their banking.”

Hmmm. So, consumerization has hit banking, eh? Why is this important to you? Because if you work with any organization that targets consumers as their end users, you need to be able to do two things: Identify where technology can improve the consumer experience and then articulate how to gain that competitive edge and your role in enabling that technology solution.

The second aspect of this success story that caught my eye was the fact that NAB has a 10-year plan that includes consolidating its systems, deploying a private cloud and focusing on the end user experience for not only its banking customers but its own employees. For example, after standardizing on an internal private cloud, the bank consolidated its voice and data networks and is working now to virtualize its desktops. All this means fewer moving parts, and less management headaches for its team.

The entire goal of the overhaul, and the subsequent addition of a social media command center to handle customer communications, is captured here: “The impetus behind this is a recognition of changing customer expectations — customers increasingly want to be able to communicate 24/7, over mobile, wherever they are,” Bennett says. “We want to present our customers with offers that make sense and let them access those offers from wherever they are, using any channel they choose. We also want to get a good sense of what people are saying out there, what our customers are looking for.”

I highly recommend reading this article – there are some tech details you’ll find interesting, but more importantly, I think this article provides a glimpse into the mind of your customers.

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