Pros and Cons of Putting Healthcare In The Cloud


Jan, 13

Pros and Cons of Putting Healthcare In The Cloud

One of the more interesting ways to learn about what is truly going on with cloud is to check out articles on vertically oriented websites, such as HealthTech, a market focused version of a larger trade publication. You can also often find similar information on websites of educational associations, such as those serving law enforcement or local government. I’ve found all these sites are a good source of pros and cons when it comes to cloud and its traction in a particular market. The sites not only help identify what specific vertical markets are looking for when it comes to cloud, but often highlight common barriers to adoption. The latter is where I feel the value is; after all, you can’t be ready to overcome objections until you know what arguments to expect from a potential customer.

For example, in this article, Cloud Computing: Changing HIT and HIE Deployment Strategies, common healthcare IT objections about cloud include the follow issues: SLAs and vendor lock-in, security/compliance, privacy, governance, business continuity, loss of control/ownership, and ROI. Let’s say you’re headed to a sales call with a potential client who oversees IT for a small hospital. What sort of facts and stats can you arm yourself with to overcome these potential objections? Having that info prepared in advance not only helps you look like the professional you are, but keeps the conversation going when you would otherwise have to say – Let me get back to you on that.

I believe this type of diligence is essential with cloud because of the hype in the market that peppers your potential clients with information about the cloud – often inaccurate. Do your homework and think through your response to these questions. After all, many of these objections are easily offset with your experience in the cloud – you just need to take the time to educate your clients.

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