While 2013 Be The Year Of The Hybrid?


Jan, 13

While 2013 Be The Year Of The Hybrid?

When you peruse the 2013 predications, one commonality seems to rise to the top: Hybrid cloud computing is going to have its year. Industry analysts apparently agree on this, with most noting hybrid is a perfect blend of on- and off-premise computing. For some smaller businesses, the hybrid part will entail building out some virtualized infrastructure in-house to augment public cloud usage while for enterprise, the hybrid element is reversed. Those large corporations will start to add public cloud to their private cloud solutions, taking advantage of that elastic infrastructure offering.

Additionally, issues such as cost and management are starting to push private cloud users to both hosted private cloud models and public cloud offerings as the complexity of in-house cloud infrastructure starts to weigh on already overburdened IT staff. Another reason to leverage hybrid cloud solutions is the issue of redundancy. Some businesses will leverage on-premise to support wholly public cloud usage, providing a safety net against public cloud outages; others will do the opposite, using public cloud to provide a lower cost business continuity option for private on-premise cloud.

Want to hear more about the pros and cons – and growing adoption of hybrid cloud solutions? Check out this article in Network World, which provides an excellent overview of the pros, cons, and usage options.

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