Looking At Cloud’s Economic Impact


Jan, 13

Looking At Cloud’s Economic Impact

I know we’re all a bit old for pictures, but sometimes visual aids can simplify what could be complex. For example in this VMware blog, the cloud and virtualization industry giant shares some insight on what it really means when analysts say cloud will be a $240 billion industry by 2020 (that’s a Forrester forecast, for those taking notes).

Some tidbits:

  • China, Japan, and Brazil have the highest percentage of organizations heading into the cloud during the next three years, followed by the UK, U.S., and Australia, respectively.
  • The number of new jobs with roots in the cloud computing movement, according to IDC, will hit 13.8 million by 2015.
  • What is winning over customers – private, public or hybrid cloud? Right now, private, with 23% using that option today. But, while that number holds steady over the next 18 months, research shows that public cloud will gain 4 points and hybrid nearly 10 points, with the later growing from only 6% of current deployments to 15% by the  middle of 2014.
  • A quarter of all IT decision makers expect cloud to be their go-to technology choice in the long term.
  • Who is spending the most of cloud innovation and adoption worldwide? Bet you wouldn’t have guessed Russia, right? That country is followed closely by Japan.

You can see the entire – and rather cool – infographic at the VMware site by clicking here.

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