CIOs Stuck In Everyday IT Rut


Jan, 13

CIOs Stuck In Everyday IT Rut

Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees. That old adage rings true with cloud as well, a reality highlighted in a Gartner finding that CIOs are so busy handling everyday IT fires that they are struggling to deploy and manage cloud solutions that could, in reality, help resolve those day-to-day IT hassles.

The survey, released last week by Gartner, is chock full of insight about how and what CIOs are doing with technology.  One big finding was the most CIOs say their companies are not even close to reaping the full benefits of technology. Reasons cited range from management time to lack of budget – the survey shows IT budgets remain flat – despite a full understanding in the C-suite that technology can drive innovation, competitive advantages, and greater profitability.

With little extra budget, and no extra time for exploring and understanding emerging technologies, the CIOs surveyed lament bringing the full power of IT into their enterprise. While those CIOs see tech such as mobile, Big Data/analytics, social media and cloud as disruptive technologies, they also understand that the power of those solutions come when integrated and well managed, a reality that most organizations don’t have the bandwidth to achieve.

All in all, this report is fascinating – I highly recommend solution providers take the time to read it (or at least the release with its summary). I think you’ll find valuable insight into how and where you can help your IT decision makers overcome internal hurdles that will improve their business utilization of technology.

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