Never Underestimate Social Media Marketing


Feb, 13

Never Underestimate Social Media Marketing

Let’s take a break from cloud – well, sort of – to talk about social media. Arguably the biggest advertising showcase of the year, the Super Bowl has long been THE challenge for ad agencies when it comes to making their brand stand out. We’ve seen the Darth Vader Kid, the Doritos Great Dane, and the Coke polar bears.

This year, not only did I like the  Oreos’ “Shush” ad – featuring an argument about filling vs. cookie in a library, all conducted in hushed tones – but I loved the quick-thinking free advertising the snack company got when it turned an unprecedented power outage at the Super Bowl into a Twitter opportunity.

For those of you who  missed it, Oreo tweeted – within 10 minutes of the outage – a photo with the tag line: You can still dunk in the dark. This great behind-the-scenes story on Buzz Feed shares the how behind that now-famous tweet, plus this reality: “At 8:48 p.m. Sunday night, Oreo tweeted this ad. Since then, it’s been retweeted more than 14,000 times (and the same image on Facebook has gotten more than 20,000 likes) — meaning that the most powerful bit of marketing during the advertising industry’s most expensive day may have been free.”

While we could talk about the power of cloud – it definitely played a role in the timely delivery and viral nature of this tweet heard ‘round the world – I would like to talk about the lesson for solution providers.

I know, you don’t have time for Twitter, right? Well, look at this: One well-considered tweet got more publicity for Oreo than millions in advertising. So, when you consider your ad budget … consider how to turn Twitter – a free offering – into an option that helps you spread the word about your business. Give your Twitter handle to happy customers and ask them to tweet for you. Hire a college kid to manage your Twitter feed and brainstorm on ideas. Make sure you tweet at industry events, and share those on your Facebook page, which hopefully your customers all “like” and you’ll start to cement your role as industry authority.

What I don’t want you to do is say – it isn’t worth the time. I think Oreo would argue about that.

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  1. Here is the basic flaw in this theory, most managed service providers do not have the following of an Oreo brand. Also, a free offering on Twitter will unlikely yield a result and what a big mistake, hiring a college kid to manage your twitter feed. Social Media rarely works for MSPs when they use it as a marketing only, however the successful ones like Macon IT Support firm, Infinity Networks who use it to share happenings in the company and community are having better success.

    Social Media for the average MSP with 29 LIKES and 127 followers on Twitter will unlikely achieve the results you shared with Oreo.

    Stuart Crawford
    MSP Sales Consulting

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