What Cloud May Not Want You To Know


Feb, 13

What Cloud May Not Want You To Know

One of my favorite sources for interesting cloud coverage is CIO.com; it often offers a slightly different perspective than traditional channel coverage of the industry. In a recent article, 3 Deep, Dark Secrets of Cloud Computing, the topic was the risk of having end users driving IT decisions – namely cloud solutions. The point of the article is that those without a full grasp of managing a cloud solution can fall into some common traps, impeding their ability to take advantage of the full benefits of cloud.

The three “secrets”:

The Cloud Never Forgets

That’s a bonus, right? Well not if you face a legal discovery process or a compliance regulation that requires deletion of files. While you may delete a file in your system, and it may be deleted in the cloud, there is always the chance that another copy exists. Something to think about if your customers are mandated to permanently destroy private or personal files.

Data in the Cloud Needs a Steward

We’re not talking about a system administrator, or even a solution provider hired to manage your cloud assets. This is about having someone to take your customers’ cloud data – all that valuable information – and do something with it. Big Data demands analysis, business consideration, and should drive innovative action in your customers’ businesses, but you need someone with the technical and business acumen to do that.

Since Cloud Replaces Internal IT, It Must Be Managed Like IT

You can’t look at cloud as an easy replacement for traditional infrastructure; while the CapEx is less, the management and nurturing of your cloud environment demands as much expertise and resources – perhaps more – than the server room down the hall. Be forewarned.

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