The Power Of Cloud – Squared


Mar, 13

The Power Of Cloud – Squared

Last week we talked about how cloud is helping power entrepreneurship in a dodgy economy, fueling the flexibility and scalability that start-ups need, and helping push technology innovations forward faster. In this month’s Forbes, Ingram Micro cloud partner Box is the subject of a feature article that talks about just that – how cloud is helping this vendor deliver productivity in an entirely new way.

As the article explains, Box is an online storage and collaboration service that closed 2012 with about $70 million in revenue, up 160% from 2011. Nice growth numbers, if you can get them. But here is what got my attention, a single sentence: “(Founder Aaron) Levie wants to create a transformative technology company for the mobile era, one that will become the glue connecting any big company’s myriad data and documents across all of its disparate software applications and makes them accessible securely on a tablet or phone.”

What he wants to do, ultimately, is truly harness the power of cloud for his company’s growth, and then deliver the type of interoperability and collaboration possible with an optimized cloud solution. Unlike some vendors, Box was born in the cloud, so this team has an opportunity to adjust more nimbly than traditional vendors, again showcasing the potential of cloud-powered business.

Take a few minutes and enjoy this article; it’s both well written and incredibly interesting. More importantly, I think for those of you still struggling to inspire your customers with the potential of cloud, this provides a great testimonial to where cloud can take a company.

And, as a side note, Box will be at upcoming Ingram Micro Cloud Summit, so you can bring your questions along and talk to these cloud innovators in person.

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