Box: Fueling Growth with Mobile and the Collaborative Enterprise


Mar, 13

Box: Fueling Growth with Mobile and the Collaborative Enterprise

By: Laura Padilla;

There are two emerging facts in today’s enterprise. The first should be no surprise to anyone – mobile is now a firmly established platform for productivity. The second is less apparent, but no less significant: we are entering the age of the Collaborative Enterprise.

Let’s tackle this second one first. No matter what your business, you face a set of common challenges: fueling growth, identifying and addressing new opportunities, and operating as efficiently as possible.  The most innovative companies in today’s market, independent of industry, are seizing these opportunities by working outside of their walls. They’re driving growth by collaborating closely with customers, partners and vendors to improve the flow of ideas and smooth execution across business units. Box plays a key role in this new collaborative economy by giving companies of all sizes the ability to safely and securely share information and ideas in the cloud.

The advance of mobility simply adds fuel to this fire. With more tablets and smartphones in employees’ hands, companies need a better way to incorporate devices into core processes. The first step is getting content securely to these devices. The next is to make every one of these interactions productive, enabling sales, public safety workers or professional services teams to interact more directly with customers. Box makes it easy to create, edit, and discuss content of any type through our OneCloud ecosystem.

To learn more about how Box can help you solve these challenges for your customers, check out our overview at and join a discussion with Michael McCabe at  Ingram’s Micro Cloud Summit on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 9th and 10th at 1pm.

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