SMBs – What’s Your Cloud Security Strategy?


Mar, 13

SMBs – What’s Your Cloud Security Strategy?

by Tsailing Merrem, McAfee

IT professionals are relentlessly seeking ways to add value and use technology to help their companies save money, boost productivity, and do more with less. As technology evolves, tools that were previously too expensive are now available and cost-effective solutions for smaller businesses. And as smaller businesses take advantage of the latest advancements in IT infrastructure (virtualization, cloud-computing, and mobility to name just a few), they should also evolve their security measures to stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals who are likewise evolving their malware tactics.

According to Aberdeen’s latest research smaller businesses lag behind their peers in larger companies in terms of keeping pace with IT security. Many businesses still rely solely on the traditional security approach of antivirus for computer security and a firewall for network security.  Companies that fail to modernize their security can actually end up spending more money on fighting security fires, remediation, malware infection cleanup and paying for breaches.

The Web is still the favorite channel (or attack vector). 80% of malware are distributed via the Web. And the proliferation of social networks (mind you, still web-based) is an incredible gift to the cybercriminal.  According to the Aberdeen study, simple social engineering coupled with distribution via social media channels distributes links that users are 10 times more likely to click on. And let’s not forget that good-old email with convincing social engineering tactics still works too. Cloud-based email and web filtering is the easiest way to deploy defense in depth (or layered security) and keeps the nasty stuff in the cloud, well away from YOUR business.

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