Turn A Competitor’s Errors Into A $100,000 Sale. Here’s How.


Jul, 13

Turn A Competitor’s Errors Into A $100,000 Sale. Here’s How.

Here’s a good rule of thumb any seasoned VAR or MSP would stand by: Just because a sale starts easy, doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. In fact, Brent Wolff, owner of f8 Tech, found more than he bargained for when he first met the general manager of Henna Chevrolet, a 165-employee+ automotive dealership in Austin, TX. After meeting with the client and walking through its lot, which included five buildings spread out over 20 acres, Wolff learned two things very quickly:

1. The dealership had recently fired its previous VAR and
2. The dealership’s IT network was what Wolff described as a “worst-case-scenario IT situation.”

Rather than diagnosing the problem based on only the customer’s feedback of “slow computer response times and frequent network downtime,” Wolff made the right decision: He conducted a complete network assessment to help establish a foundation from which to solve the customer’s business problem. The problems uncovered from the network assessment were far deeper than any visual inspection would have revealed and turned the project into a $100,000 IT overhaul. Some might think that a dealership that was used to paying bottom of the barrel prices for its IT support would have balked at such a fee, but Wolff’s consultative approach and aligning the customer’s business needs with his solution’s value won them over — well beyond the time frame of the initial project. Be sure to check out the rest of the story by reading: How An MSP Brought An Automotive Dealer’s Network Back From The Dead and find out how f8 Tech was able to use this customer win as a catalyst to reach other automobile dealerships in its region.

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