Are You Tired of One-Size-Fits-All Cloud Services?


Oct, 14

Are You Tired of One-Size-Fits-All Cloud Services?

Choice is the key to customer success.

cloud3In its 2014 IT Industry Outlook, CompTIA discusses how the demand for cloud-based solutions is forcing IT solution providers to examine their current business models. Customers are looking for agile cloud solutions that can quickly and easily be reconfigured or replaced to meet the needs of their ever-changing businesses. The end result is that solution providers now face a new breed of competitors, which is forcing them to explore non-traditional routes to market and requiring them to determine whether they have the resources to host their own cloud solutions.

Brent Sadler, CTO of Web Creations & Consulting is an Ingram Micro reseller partner who can easily relate to these challenges. “When we bring on a new or existing client that’s opening a new office, the ‘out of the box’ offer is often a perfect fit,” he says. “The customer’s primary need may initially include only our hosted Exchange service, but down the road they find value in free value-adds we may include such as SharePoint, PC backup, and single sign-on services. Eventually their needs grow beyond the free offering and it leads to additional upsell opportunities.”

Earlier this year when Ingram Micro purchased SoftCom, they acquired four new hosted cloud solutions: Hosted Exchange, Virtual Machines (VM), Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and Web Hosting. Sadler saw this as a welcomed addition to Ingram Micro’s existing cloud portfolio. “These new services fill a much-needed gap in our business by giving us more choices,” he says. “We can simply choose the best fit solution, mix and match other vendors with Ingram Micro’s solutions, or create our own private label — whatever is needed to more effectively meet the unique needs of each customer.  And the best part is we only have one number to call for support.”

IT solution providers interested in finding out more information about Ingram Micro Hosted Cloud Solutions should visit and click on the Marketplace tab.

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