The Road to Awesomeness… and Success


Oct, 18

The Road to Awesomeness… and Success

It’s hard to get through most days without a roadmap of some sort getting us where we need to be. We rely on our calendar to track our appointments, on Google Maps or Waze to get us to the right place, maybe even on Alexa to tell us to get out of bed.

What about a map to get your business where it needs to be?

Ingram Micro Cloud has created such a roadmap. We unveiled our Cloud Awesomeness Roadmap at the 2018 Ingram Micro Cloud Summit to an enthusiastic crowd, excited at the new insight and tools for success.

Having travelled the cloud journey ourselves, we know exactly where to go and how to get there. We’ve mastered the route, and we know where the hills are, where we need more gas, and where we can take a shortcut.

Drawing from all our experience and knowledge, we’ve designed the Cloud Awesomeness Roadmap. It has four stops, with the first one at the Build stage, the Breadth and Depth stages along the way, and the final destination at the Scale stage.

Only 1 percent of our reseller partners have reached the Scale stage, yet they see 40 percent more pipeline than the others. We want more of our partners to reach this stage, where they will enjoy a bigger footprint in the cloud, stronger customer relationships and higher profits – all leading to longevity and success.


Our Cloud Awesomeness Roadmap will help resellers determine where they are in their cloud journey. Maybe even more importantly, it includes directions on the best practices needed to push you along the journey toward success.

We’ve outlined six of the Best Practices on the Road to Cloud Awesomeness that lead to the Scale stage:

  • Active cross-selling: For Scale resellers, cross-selling is a priority. It increases the recurring revenue base, reduces the cost of sale, and closes deals faster. Churn rates drop, and profits rise considerably. Ideally, 30 percent of a reseller’s revenue should come from cross-selling.
  • Automate provisioning: Manual provisioning is slow, inconsistent and prone to errors. Automating the process boosts accuracy, speeds up deployment and billing, and lets resellers spend more time running their businesses, not to mention learning and training their staff on new cloud services entering the market.
  • Effective digital marketing: Proactive and well-developed marketing will attract new and retain existing customers. Scale resellers who create and leverage interactive digital marketing campaigns to supplement traditional marketing also monitor their results to adjust them and improve outcomes.
  • Incorporate IaaS offerings: Only 20% of workloads are in the cloud, making IaaS the largest untapped technology opportunity for resellers. With its numerous benefits, offering IaaS is the No. 1 factor fueling a reseller’s cloud journey that gives them a growing share of the cloud revenue stream.
  • Offer customer self-service tools: By providing customers with the self-service options to shop, buy and adjust subscriptions through the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, resellers free up their time to meet their customers’ needs and build better relationships.
  • Outsource cloud catalog: Outsourcing the catalog of cloud offerings to the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace not only saves money but also takes full advantage of available reseller partner branding to ensure a consistent experience and to reinforce their value to their customers.


The road to success may look like a daunting one, but you don’t need to travel it alone. We’re here to accompany you every step of the way.

Learn more about the Cloud Awesomeness Roadmap, so you can start mapping your route to the next stop in your cloud journey today.

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