Alibaba Cloud Academy

Alibaba Cloud Academy

Alibaba Cloud Academy’s online courses are designed to let you learn about Alibaba Cloud products and solutions at your own pace anytime, anywhere.



Learn from the Experts

All training courses are taught by qualified Alibaba Cloud experts providing a professional learning experience.


Demonstrate Your Capabilities

Test your Alibaba Cloud skills and receive official credentials according to your ACP certification.


Sharpen Your Tools

With continuously updated training, these courses allow you to deepen your cloud expertise and keep your skills up-to-date.


Accelerate Your Career

Fast track your career with Alibaba Cloud ACP certifications and gain recognition for your Alibaba Cloud skills from employers.

Browse through Free E-Learning courses on Cloud Computing, Big Data and Security or opt for Professional Online Training courses delivered by certified Alibaba Cloud experts.

Apsara Clouder Technical Certifications

A light-weight certification that aims to help trainees quickly understand the cloud and its practical applications.

Choose from:

  • Cloud Computing Specialist Certification
  • Cloud Security Specialist Certification
  • Big Data Specialist Certification
  • Basic Skill Specialist Certification

ACA Cloud Computing course (ACA - Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate)

Is a series of online courses covering topics from Alibaba Cloud ECS, SLB, OSS, RDS, Auto Scaling, Security Solutions and some general Cloud Computing Technologies. It is designed to help you understand how these products work, how they should be used and help you gain the required knowledge to be certified as an ACA level Cloud Computing specialist.

Online Lab for hands-on practicing

Learn Cloud Computing with Alibaba Cloud Hands-on Labs


Use Convenient Online Learning Environment, you only have to log in to the site to instantly complete labs in the virtual environment. Anytime. Anywhere. No need to install or equip with tedious extra software’s in your local environment. Also indulge in Exciting and Stimulating Challenges You are asked to use your acquired knowledge to challenge the task. The system will decide whether you pass or not, efficiently examine your weak points.

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