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Dec, 14


“Don’t Sell HIPAA Compliance” and Other Healthcare IT Pitfalls to Avoid

I recently spoke with several industry experts about opportunities and threats for VARs and MSPs in the healthcare vertical. With more medical practices converting from paper to EHRs (electronic health records) — for compliance, convenience, or cost-cutting reasons — the need for business continuity planning is becoming critical. Small, office-based practices are especially ripe for the picking, […]


Jun, 13

Avoid These Two Traps If You Want To Win More Cloud Business

I have a good friend who’s a partner at a 10-employee healthcare practice that recently faced some bad news from an IT auditor for the federal government. The auditor informed my doctor friend that his practice was out of compliance with its email (the practice didn’t have a formal email management policy), and the consequence […]


May, 13

4 Steps to MDM Success

I recently came across an article written by Dave Sobel, the Director of Partner Community at Level Platforms. Inn his article, Sobel offers good advice to MSPs about one of the hottest trends happening in the channel today, which is directly related to the BYOD phenomena.  According to a recent Deloitte study, 82% of smartphone and […]


May, 13

Manage Your Clients’ Cloud IT Expectations Upfront

This week I’m at the Ingram Micro IMHealthcare Exchange event in Grapevine, TX, attending education sessions and talking with VARs and MSPs about their healthcare focus, market predictions, and business challenges. One person I spoke with was Danny Jeter, a VP at Jackson Thornton Technologies (JTT), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jackson Thornton, a […]


Jan, 13

Healthcare Hits The Skies

The targets are moving again when it comes to helping your customers meet compliance regulations in the healthcare industry. The newest changes to the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act’s (HIPAA) privacy, security, enforcement and breach rules are hot off the presses (all 563 pages of them) and included in that documentation are regulations  for […]


Jan, 13

Pros and Cons of Putting Healthcare In The Cloud

One of the more interesting ways to learn about what is truly going on with cloud is to check out articles on vertically oriented websites, such as HealthTech, a market focused version of a larger trade publication. You can also often find similar information on websites of educational associations, such as those serving law enforcement […]


Oct, 12

A Quick Check-up: Cloud and Healthcare

A good indication that a certain technology is being accepted into any vertical is the presence of articles written on the topic by vertical specific associations or publications. Such is the case with this article in Healthcare Global, which examines the potential for cloud in healthcare. One reason for such coverage is simple: “According to […]

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