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Nov, 12

Innovation – The Name Of The Winning Game

Now that tempers have cooled a tad, it seems safe to share this article from B2B, an online community focused on sharing news about social media, marketing, and branding – and their impact on the business world. The article, “Five Innovative Social, Mobile, Cloud and Big Data Apps From the US 2012 Election Campaigns,” showcases […]


Nov, 12

New Survey Reveals Confusion Is Stalling Cloud Adoption

It’s no surprise that your customers are confused about cloud. Heck, a lot of solution providers are confused about cloud, so it is hardly a shock that decision makers and end users are overwhelmed with the choices and options related to cloud computing. AVG Technologies decided to dive more deeply into that reality, surveying SMBs […]


Nov, 12

Is Canada Anti-Cloud?

Having spent much of last week in Montreal, I was intrigued to see this article in Forbes: The Sorry State of Cloud Computing in Canada. I had hoped that the fact our WiFi and Internet in the hotel was abysmal was just a reflection on the locale, but according to this article, Canada is struggling […]


Oct, 12

Where Is Cloud In Terms Of Maturity?

This article grabbed me the first couple lines – what a great explanation of where cloud will go in the future, and just how we’ll get there. “We all know how important and ubiquitous email has become, not just in business but in our lives. Can you remember when you learned about email for the […]

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