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Accelerate Sales with Deskera CRM

Implement customer-centric strategies to boost sales. Automate your end-to-end lead management, prioritise opportunities, and track cases with Deskera CRM.

Don’t just attract more customers, but delight them every time with Deskera CRM.

starts at Rs. 790 / user / month

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Connect with your customers, prioritize opportunities and ignite sales.

Deskera Customer Relationship Management Software provides organizations with a single view of its customers; helps automate critical sales processes – from leads qualification to promotional campaigns, and enables decision makers to easily implement customer-centric strategies.

CRM Key Features


Beat Competition
via Campaigns

With Deskera CRM, run and manage CRM campaigns and all their details, run and administer email marketing campaigns, and export CRM campaign lists in multiple file formats.


Improve Opportunity
to Leads Ratio

View one-click reports of opportunities with a quick conversion potential and expected revenue. Prioritise opportunities and focus on customers with the highest potential to close a deal.


Track All Records
under Each Account

Track and manage your accounts along with product, opportunity, activity and case details. Track recent account activities, enjoy regular updates through emails, notes, events and more.


One-stop Destination
for All Products

Manage each product or service and get its instant information through search features. Record and track complete product details. Export product list in multiple formats.


Go the Distance
with Sales Forecast

Gain insight into customer preferences and demand patterns to plan campaign strategies. Determine the lead conversion ratio and boost your sales and business.


Win Customers through
After-Sales Support

Assign process owners to customer cases. Track and solve pending cases. Add priorities, assess track progress and manage customer life cycle-all with one seamless integrated system.


Boost Knowledge

View and manage documents with the help of Deskera CRM. Easily search for documents with secured information distribution. Ensure secure collaboration with Deskera CRM’s permission-based sharing feature.


Better Communication

Deskera Email provides a single messaging system for each Deskera user. Also, an efficient and easy-to-use function to send messages, ease of management with folder management and single-click mail previews.


Stay Ahead in
Finding Leads

Converting leads to loyal customers is what it takes to stay in business and grow. Deskera CRM’s Lead Management will help you achieve this. Get all information related to different leads on your fingertips.

COLOR SCHEME Unlimited color options are avaliable via Options Panel.