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The Next Generation
Enterprise Business Solution

Jugnu is the Next Generation GST Ready Enterprise Business Solution that Integrates and manages company’s entire operations. It handles all aspects of business along the supply, quick production, sales and delivery aspects. Jugnu integrates end-to-end business with partners-suppliers-customers. SMEs are facing challenges/complexities with GST invoicing and filing. Jugnu can help them as it comes with experience from many markets where GST was rolled out and improved over years.


The SMEs can now focus on their business growth with ZERO TENSION.
Ideal for businesses with multiple products, multiple locations and multiple business identities. GST readiness and compliance for such organizations could be a big challenge, but with Logo’s proven technology and solutions, the help is readily available.

Key Features


Easy Compliance

GST compliant transactions (like Taxes, RCM, ISD, TDS etc) and reporting.


End to End Integration

With its integrated structure, Logo Jugnu helps you manage all your business processes from end to end both within the firm and outside firm, and between suppliers and customers in an integrated fashion.


Remote Access

It enables you to access your information any time remotely, thanks to its web-based structure, and may be used easily by companies working in different locations.


Decision Making Reports

Provides realtime, accurate reports to help you take effective business decisions on time


Multi-location. No problem

Multi Location, Multi currency with multiple GSTINs in same instance.


Built –in Comfort

Comes with pre-populated HSN/SSC codes, Locations, Bank/Branches/ISFC Codes, Chart of Account etc.


Scalable & Secure

It offers scalable & secure business solutions covering all business functions that corporations need such as finance management, purchasing, production, budget management, sales and distribution. All working in integration with each other. It offers gradual IT investment and use of affordable hardware to expand the corporation with investment as much as and


Zero Maintenance

Highly scalable & secure, on both public cloud and private cloud

COLOR SCHEME Unlimited color options are avaliable via Options Panel.