Smarter BIZ

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Mobile CRM for businesses

on Microsoft Excel.

Smarter BIZ is the mobile first CRM on Microsoft Excel built specifically for SMBs. It helps them get digital ready and perform as large businesses, by automatically recording all business transactions, tracking what is critical to their business, and measuring key growth metrics.

Key Features

Automate Spreadsheets

Push leads from various sources on a spreadsheet automatically, from appointments to sales.

Digital Business Cards and Brochures

Create and share unlimited number of business cards and digital brochures over an SMS / email to customers, instantly.

Customer Voice Recording

Automate your documentation with call recording and meeting recordings on the mobile phone wherever you are. Sync securely to the cloud when you can.

Sales Progress

On click update of sales progress and after call / meeting action right from your mobile.

Smarter Reporting

All business activities across the organization captured for intelligent reports and real time dashboard to help you track better, decide smarter and grow faster.

Customer-centric View

Capture all business communications with a customer across SMS, emails, phone calls, meetings, sales progress, work orders all in one smarter view.

Work Orders On The Go

Create work orders instantly and accurately right during the sale progress. Easy share and update within team.

Better Follow-Ups

Timely and increased follow-ups with easy set follow-up reminders. Better customer connect with call record reminders, picking the conversation from where you left.

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