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Customers are the key to run a successful business and it is highly important for businesses to develop and maintain healthy customer relationships for the sustained business growth. However, it is not easy to win the hearts of your customers. You’ll need a solution where you can effortlessly gain new customers, increase the lifetime value of your customers, build meaningful customer relationships, reduce the customer churn rates, provide excellent customer service, and retain existing customers.

SutiCRM, helps streamline your business, manage & automate the activities of sales, marketing, and your customer support team. SutiCRM can help nurture new leads, manage follow-up activities, maintain strong customer relationships, and enhance visibility into the various customer activities.

Key Features


Lead Management

Create and implement a successful lead management process from start to finish. Capture leads from the multiple sources, assign leads automatically, and qualify leads into various sales opportunities.


Opportunity Management

Leads are qualified as sales opportunities where your sales team can focus on closing deals. Track the progress of sales deals, manage and update the sales information in real time, and close deals faster.


Campaign Management

Manage and track multiple campaigns for your business


Customer Account Management

Record, update, track and analyze the history of your potential customers and link accounts to leads, opportunities, and contacts.


Reports & Analytics

Create, run, and analyze the reports in real time for various modules in SutiCRM – Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, Accounts, Cases, Contacts and more.


CRM Integrations

SutiCRM integrates with SutiSoft applications such as SutiExpense, SutiHR, SutiSign, SutiDesk and seamlessly synchronizes and integrates with Google Docs, Google Contacts, Outlook Calendars, and other social media channels.

COLOR SCHEME Unlimited color options are avaliable via Options Panel.