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SutiSign is an eSignature platform that helps businesses get documents signed quickly online. The solution offers flexible signing options including static, dynamic and system generated signatures to allow businesses to secure critical business transactions. The fingerprint authentication feature enables businesses to authenticate the identity of a user in the real time.

Key Features


Multiple Signing Options

SutiSign offers multiple signing options. You can sign a document using system generated signatures, upload a scanned signature image, use your mouse or touch screen to generate the hand-written signatures, create your own signature style, and more.


Signature Comparison

The solution includes multiple advanced signing options such as Static(Image-based) and Dynamic(Real-time) signatures to authenticate a signer’s identity and to identify signature forgeries and fraud in real-time with greater accuracy.


Biometric(Fingerprint) Authentication

Integrated with advanced fingerprint authentication system, SutiSign can authenticate, verify, and validate the identity of a signer by extracting minutiae points from the signer’s fingerprint image.


API’s & Integrations

Access documents directly from various cloud storage services such as Google Drive,Evernote, or Microsoft 365 and send to clients for signatures.


Document Templates &Signature Points

Create document template requests and use them over and over as needed saving valuable time. Simply drag and drop signature points, initials, and text boxes onto the document as required.


Reports and Analytics

Get detailed reports and insight into the status of signature requests, and track the total number of documents signed in real-time.

COLOR SCHEME Unlimited color options are avaliable via Options Panel.