Self-branded B2B Store

With Cloud Store, select partners can take their business to the next level with a self-branded ecommerce online store, integrated directly into their existing website.

Recurring Billing Management

Manage recurring billing options through credit or debit card payments with a new or existing compatible payment gateway.

Personalized Service SKU's and add-on solutions

Partners can create personalized service SKU's to increase cross-selling opportunities within their Cloud Store. Personalized service SKU's such as mail migration can be bundled and sold along side subscriptions cloud solutions.

Promotional Codes

Partners can develop and distribute promotional codes with discount offers directly to their customer base.

24/7/365 Level 2 Support

Cloud Store includes unlimited support to the reseller for all cloud solutions sold; end-user support can be added at an additional cost.

Get Started with Your Cloud Store

Compare Ingram Micro's Cloud Solutions

Ingram Micro Cloud Solutions Cloud Marketplace Cloud Store
Purchase, Provision, Manage and Invoice Cloud Solutions & Services
Access to Ingram Micro's entire cloud portfolio
End-customer subscription lifecycle management
Automated invoices and notifications to customers
Subscription management and add-on options
Downloadable billing data
Unlimited reseller technical support (Level 2)
B2B cloud store integrated with partner website
Management of recurring billing options
Personalized service SKU's
Customized add-on solutions
Dynamic shopping cart / Sheopping Cart added to partners established web store
One flexible control panel for Cloud Marketplace and Cloud Store

How Cloud Store will take your business to the next level.

Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace now features the new Cloud Store which enables select partners to create and manage a self-branded ecommerce online store, integrated into their existing website.

Gain the Competitive Advantage
We do the work and you reap the rewards. This fast and easy self-branded eCommerce cloud store enables partners to gain a significant competitive advantage over their competition. Partners can sell and provision cloud solutions in real-time with leading cloud vendors through their own self-branded store, that is integrated into their website.

New Sales Opportunities
With Cloud Store, partners have complete access to cloud services and solutions available through the Ingram Micro Marketplace. They can create personalized service SKU's targeting specific market segments, offer promotional discounts and develop an multitude of cross-selling opportunities.

Increase Cloud Provider Credibility
Transform your current site from an informational portal to an evolving sales and marketing destination for your business. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated and prefer the online shopping experience over traditional sales channels. Cloud Store instantly provides partners with the option to showcase, market and provision cloud solutions and services directly from their website 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Offer Flexible Solutions
Cloud Store empowers partners with flexible and adaptable features and options to meet the needs of their customers. Along with Ingram Micro Marketplace it's never been easier and more rewarding to offer cloud services and solutions directly from the partner to the end-user.

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