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Jul, 14

Overcome Cloud BDR Fears Once and For All

No matter how hard you try to persuade some customers that backing up their data to the cloud is a wise decision and you can help them do it at an affordable price, you’re still going to run into fear-based objections. This objection can sound like this: “How can I really be sure that your […]


Apr, 14

Business Class Cloud Computing Isn’t Cheap

I recently had the privilege of talking with Troy Rice, owner of cloud services provider (CSP) See The Matrix (STM). Unlike many IT service providers that migrate to managed services and then to cloud services, STM jumped right over the managed services phase and went right to the cloud eight years ago. Although the company has […]


Oct, 13

Don’t Settle For Being A Me-Too Cloud Service Broker

Despite all the cloud adoption growth statistics being touted from just about every analyst group, the reality is that many VARs and MSPs are still struggling to make money selling cloud solutions and services. In fact, many resellers treat the cloud as a loss leader and focus their efforts on capturing the shrinking opportunity of […]

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